Friday, February 11, 2011

my heart is full of bears and birds: video game post

What're some fun games that you guys have been playing on xbox?  I've been getting into Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie lately, and played through the Dead Space 2 demo.  I guess I played Final Fantasy XIII for a few minutes the other day.  I'm not as big of a gamer as I used to be.  Games a re just too expensive, now that I don't have any money.  I like being able to pay $15 to download and relive an old classic like Banjo Kazooie.  Frankly, I think that game is way better than most new games anyway.

Let me know what you think.

BTW Dead Space 2 is scary as shit.





  1. No kidding games are expensive. 60 bucks for CoD? There is a reason I only buy one a year at most.

  2. I think the cost of games is gonna make Gamefly's IPO insane.

    also, dat zombie.

  3. Err, sorry, that last pic is from Kazooie?!?

  4. I only buy 2-3 games a year. But I ALWAYS buy the CoD games. no matter what. Any FPS and good RPG game. New oblivion coming out this year! WOOT!!!

  5. all of those games are awesome

  6. That's always my problem as well, no cash for games. Fortunately I don't have the time either so it kinda evens out :P

  7. Playing Dead space 2 on pc, creepy stuff =(