Thursday, February 3, 2011

sites of the day

So if you're anyone like me, you'll like these websites, and you'll be all, "Thanks Kyle, I appreciate you sharing these with me. You're the best and I love you."  Whoa, calm down.  Calm down and enjoy these awesome websites that I have nothing to do with, but have no problem whoring out to you guys.

This website features loads of sweet-ass pictures created by graphic artists.  And hey, you can even buy prints of them.  Seriously, check out this website if you like staring at pretty things.  Hey, you don't have to feel weird about staring at things on the internet; the things you're staring at don't have feelings and can't call you a perv.


This is also a website for people who like to stare at pretty things.  However, it features photographs. Good photographs. GREAT photographs, even.  They're all pretty high res, and the subjects vary.  Personally, the nature photos are my favorite.  Yeah, I'm gay for nature. Gayture? Does that work? ..............nevermind.  Hey, coming up with a good pun is like pimpin', it ain't easy.

Now this is one sweet-ass phone!  This phone concept was thought up by a couple of Asian dudes for the purpose of having battery life on our mind.  But that doesn't really matter because look at this fucking phone.

Okay, this is a 12 minute long video about this guy's physics-based art.  Whether or not that sounds interesting to you, watch the video.  Most of the 12 minutes blew my mind.  This guy, as an artist and a physicist, makes me look like some stupid ass (which, now that I think about it, is not a difficult thing to do at all).

ANYWAY, enjoy these websites.  Or whatever. God.

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  1. I WANT THAT PHONEEEEE. Thanks for sharing all these neat things for my eyeballs!